Beginning Drawing – Introduction

colored pencils

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First of all, I want to welcome everyone, students and parents alike, to my “Art 4 Home School” lesson series.

My focus here is to provide every age group, from middle school to adult, with a series of lessons that will introduce the basic skills needed to succeed as an artist.

Can we cover everything I would like to cover?

Probably not… at least not in this format, meeting just once a week for a few weeks.

But we can learn the basics…


Website and Facebook Page

While some of you are reading an actual printed document, this whole course in posted on my “Art 4 Home School” website.

In case you haven’t found it, here is the web link:

The purpose of the website is three-fold…

First, you may not remember everything we discuss in the actual classes.  Every lesson will be presented on the website for you to access at any time for review or clarification.

Second, it is very likely that you may miss a class… life happens… sickness, family events, and unavoidable events will take place.  If you miss a class, get it on the webpage.

Finally, in the future, as I get the course completed, I plan to offer it online to anyone not in our local vicinity to take it.  There will be an affordable monthly fee, of course… this will help compensate me for the many hours I am spending developing and presenting this course.


The other part of the “Art 4 Home School” online presence is a Facebook page.

Here is the link to the Facebook page:


The Facebook page has a couple of purposes also…

First, any important notices, such as cancelled classes will be posted on the FaceBook Page.

Second, and very essential to your learning experience, the FaceBook page will be used for communication purposes.  If you have questions, you can post them… you can add pictures of your artwork for review, or suggestions, or just to show them off.

Please… NO private messaging!  I want to keep this page very open so that everyone can see what is being posted.


Art Supplies Needed

The art supply list is provided on the syllabus page… both the printed version and the online version which can be downloaded here:


Not all of the items will be used every week…  I will announce at the end of each session the supplies that you will need for the next class.  But you may want to just get the supply purchasing out of the way right up front.  In the syllabus I listed where I got each item and the price I paid.


How To Get The Most From This Course

You can learn a lot from these lessons, no doubt… but you can learn even more on your own.  Take the principles and techniques you learn each week and create even more than the minimum assignments require.

For example, the first lesson is about contour drawing and using basic shapes to layout your art work.

When I taught this unit in the public school classroom, I extended the assignments, spending each day for 7 days drawing 3-5 contour drawings each day.  For instance, we did animals one day, people one day, vehicles on another, still life, landscapes, and so on.

As a basketball coach, I didn’t expect the players to spend one day shooting layups, and then they would be perfect.  No… we practiced layups in some form in different drills each day.  And the players continued that every year they played, even through college.

It’s the same with drawing…

I must confess, when my job changed, and I became the technology director for the school district, my artwork suffered.  I wasn’t drawing and painting every day.  I am now having to retrain and refine my art skills to get back to where I once was.

If you really want to become an artist you need to draw continuously… take some of the pictures from the “art ideas” boxes each week and practice, practice, practice!

We will now move to the first lesson… Contour Drawing.  You will need a pencil, an eraser, and a drawing pad.