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Hey, welcome to Art 4 Home School.

I just want to share a little bit about the goals and the structure of this class.

I am very much a hands-on teacher… we learn about art by DOING art work.  For example, you don’t learn to play a saxophone by reading about saxophones… you actually learn to play it.

I will be throwing some art appreciation/history from time to time, but it will only be to support the art lessons.

I will be following the same Oklahoma standards that I followed when I taught 7-12th grade public school art classes… my goal is to teach the same skills that I did in the public school classroom.

We will begin the lessons by focusing on drawing media.  In addition to the skills and the media we will learn about in this first unit, we will also learn the seven elements and the nine principles of visual arts.

At the end of each teaching unit we will host an art exhibit so your students can display their works and receive feedback from their parents, friends, and peers.

One last thing…  I am new to the home school teaching arena.  I have always taught where I saw the students every day… not on a weekly format.  I may need to adjust the curriculum to fit time constraints.

Greg Ray - Instructor

Greg Ray – Instructor